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17, Hustler.
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Currently Building at hustlingTech and Fueler
  • VS Code Extensions to increase productivity and time-saver hacks for developers

    How can developers be extra productive? You’re a developer or you manage a team of developers, higher productivity can g...

    11 Jun 2022

  • heyStartups - Launching Made Easy

    Launching a startup is hard. We make it easier Let us do the submission task for you so that you can sail in your start...

    09 Apr 2022

  • hustlingTech - We like to make stuffs

    Launched hustlingTech, a hustle company founded on the belief to solve complex problems in a simple way. Our Products...

    02 Apr 2022

  • 69+ Free resources to learn Web3 in 2022 (Part 1)

    In the first place, there was web1 — otherwise known as the web we as a whole know and love. Then there was web2 — the c...

    31 Mar 2022

  • 700K+ Reads on Single Article

    You only need this post to become a Front-end Developer because this post has nearly unlimited amount of every type of r...

    Me  07 Feb 2022

  • What Is Map() Method in Javascript? - DZone Web Dev

    JavaScript methods are actions that can be performed on objects. So here is my new blog post where I will cover the two...

    02 Feb 2022

  • 21+ Super DevTools you may have not heard of

    During this time, practically any free tools can be found online to take care of normal issues designers face each day....

    21 Jan 2022

  • Higher-Order Functions in JavaScript

    As a JavaScript developer, you will utilize higher-order functions frequently. So, having a decent comprehension of thes...

    09 Jul 2021

  • 53+ GitHub repos you should check out to become better developer [2021]

    There are many posts regarding types of amazing repos to learn webdev and things. So in this post we'll look into 53 uni...

    07 Jul 2021

  • Billiards Pool

    Used google like a pro and took resources from the web.

    01 Jul 2021

  • 25 GitHub Repos you can't miss to bookmark

    Github is more than a version control service, it's place where developer contributes to the Community. Github is the ul...

    12 May 2021

  • 8 Nice tricks Front-end Developers

    Designer efficiency is a key exhibition marker utilized by dev groups across numerous ventures. Here are a few coding ti...

    02 May 2021

  • Free ultimate React resources. Zero to Hero in React

    Developers need a system or library which permit them to separate complex segments and reuse the codes to finish their t...

    25 Apr 2021

  • OPTWM - One Page Typography Website Maker

    Created a website where you can write content and download the HTML file. Pretty simple but looks cool when you're a typ...

    02 Apr 2021

  • MEAN / MERN Stack 100+ Learning Resources {FREE}

    I have gathered all the resources that you will require to become a MERN or MEAN stack developer. All these resources wi...

    23 Mar 2021

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