Proof of Work for Video Editors: Build Your Portfolio
Team Fueler

16 Jul, 2023

Proof of Work for Video Editors: Build Your Portfolio

Video content is everywhere.

Companies and creators use videos to market their messages.

They all need video editors to help them increase their reach through videos.

The number of companies and creators who need video editors is increasing every day. 

This situation created a gap between opportunities and talent. You can bridge this gap by providing your video editing services to them. But creators and companies need skilled video editors. You have to signal your skills.

Certification courses won’t help you. Most of these courses give you only information. Meanwhile, you get opportunities based on implementations (how much theory you have applied).

Show your work to signal your skills. Your Proof of Work will help you with this.

Your Proof of Work (Portfolio) is important to help you get opportunities be it :

  • Freelance Gigs
  • Internships
  • Jobs

As a video editor, your most important asset is your Proof of Work (POW).

"Proof of Work is the representation of the knowledge and skill sets you claim while approaching an opportunity."

It establishes your credibility and capability.

Get ready to create Video Editing Proof of Work.

5 Steps to create Proof of Work( Portfolio for Video Editors)

Your video editing portfolio is a collection of all the videos you have edited.It’s a collection of all your Proof of work.Your portfolio displays your video editing skill.

Step1 : Use an online portfolio tool

 Here I have used Fueler. An online tool to make beautiful-looking portfolios for your different career needs. Sign up on Fueler ( Sign up with Google for fast sign-up).

Step 2: Publishing Proof of Work

After signing up on Fueler click on your profile photo at the top right. Customize your profile. Your dashboard will look like this.

Click on Publish your Work. You can directly paste your proof of work link or publish from scratch.

I clicked on Publish from scratch. This option gives more control over the details you publish.

Step 3: Details

Fill in the details about your POW:

  • Link - Google Drive or Published on any social media platform
  • Title - What is this project about( trailer, YT video etc)
  • Date - When did you create this project
  • Cover Image - An image from the edit

Step 4: Description

This is the most important part of publishing your work. 

  1. Describe the objective of the video.
  2. Software and Tools - Mention tools and software you have used for the project
  3. Client Name(Optional) - You can also write if it was a Permissionless Projects
  4. Published or Featured - If your video was featured at a different place, you can share about it
  5. Time Take - You can also share the time taken to edit the video, it is a very crucial metric used by most of the clients to judge the video editors 

Your Charges for this type of edit (up to you if you want to write this or not)

Step 5: Publish your Work 

 Hit the Publish Button and add relevant tags.

Then your portfolio is ready!

But if you don’t have any previous work, don't worry.

Start creating 8 different types of proof of work from the list below.

8 Types of Video Editing Proof of Work

1. Talking Head Videos

Most YouTube videos fall under this category. The speaker gives out information about various topics.

Tips - Add B rolls (Secondary footage) of relevant scenes that help to visualize the ideas.

Example  -  7 Bad Habits Preventing You From The Life You Want


2. Kinetic Typography

Kinetic Typography videos use moving texts to deliver messages in a fun manner.

Tips - Match animation with the music. Add relevant background to match the feel of the music.

ExampleSTOMP Kinetic Typography

3. Promotional/ Ad

Advertisements of various companies and creators. 

Tips - Use sound effects that enhance various parts of the ad.

Example - Stoa isn't for you | Accidental Degree | Stoa 

4. Podcast editing

YouTube is booming with videos where guests and hosts discuss various topics. In podcast editing, you have two types: Full podcast editing and repurposed clips from the podcast.


  • Minimalist editing focuses on the conversation happening between the podcast host and guests.
  • Cinematic experience - Each word progresses the story, and background music changes based on the tone of the conversation. Add relevant B- rolls.

Example(s) :

  1. How Riten Debnath Built Tripura’s Top Startup, Fueler
  2. 20 YEAR OLD Graphic Designer Makes 4 Lakhs/Month 🤯| Anik Jain | Ishan Sharma

5. Gaming Videos

Video game creators need great video editors to make their videos engaging and fun for their viewers.

Tips - Merge A roll (primary footage) and B- roll Secondary footage to create an engaging video experience. Gaming edits are usually fast-paced and energetic. 

Example - I USED EVERY LMG in COD Mobile while BREAKING a RECORD...

6. Music Videos

To showcase the feel and meaning of music. Music videos can be great to have in your portfolio. Recreate a music video.

Tips - Work with the given footage to make the music and video sync. Every scene should enhance the quality of the music and express the lyrics.

Example - Skrillex and Diplo - "Where Are Ü Now" with Justin Bieber (Official Video)

7. 2d Animation

Using art to convey messages visually. 2d animation helps to understand complex topics with ease.

Tips - Help the viewer visualize the content in the video in a simple yet engaging manner. Captivate the viewer to make the message stick in their minds.

Example - How to Think Clearly | The Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius

8. Trailer/Teaser

Events need promotional content to reach out to people be it online or offline. This helps give potential attendees an idea about events.

Tips - Tease an upcoming event. Make it snappy and impactful. Compel the viewers to attend the event or watch the movie, by making them curious.

Example - Transformers: Rise of the Beasts | Official Trailer (2023 Movie)

Your video editing portfolio needs variety. As it shows your ability as a video editor.

Have 3 or more types of POW to showcase your ability. 

 “ I have reviewed literally hundreds of applications of video editors, and most of them make this mistake of not having enough videos in their portfolio to show off the wide variety of videos that they can edit. 

I need to see some variation to understand how good you are at video editing. You don't need to show all of your work. 

Show me the best work and show a lot of it.”

-Ishan Sharma, Co-Founder of Markitup

(Content Marketing Agency)

Top Video Editors’ Portfolios

Here are some Video Editing profiles to understand different types of Proof of Work.

1. Nirav Thanki on

Nirav’s proof of work has documentaries, short-form video edits(Reels, Trailers), and 2D animation edits.

2. Subhrajyoti Biswas on

Subhrajyoti ‘s portfolio has - Ads, YouTube videos, reels, podcast edits and trailers.

3. Darshil Prajapati on

Darshil’s portfolio has - Talking head videos, documentary style videos, and reel edits.

4. Ujjawal Kumar Das on


As a video editor don’t say what you can do, show them what you are capable of doing.

To get opportunities you don’t need certification. But a portfolio of work. While others will speak about their work. Your work will speak for you. This is the power of Proof of Work.

Proof of Work gives you an edge over others. Proof of Work is your entry to multiple opportunities.

Make the best video editing proof of work for yourself. 

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