Top 10 Product Management Frameworks Every PM Should Know

Top 10 Product Management Frameworks Every PM Should Know

This article is to introduce readers to 10 popular product management frameworks. It aims to provide a concise overview of each framework, highlighting its key concepts and significance for product managers. This single article (which was written in the pre-chatgpt era of 2022) itself garnered a lot of attention, claps, and opened up many opportunities for me).

What does it cover?

The article presents a brief guide to 10 essential product management frameworks. It succinctly explains the core principles and methodologies of each framework, enabling readers to grasp their key features and applications.

Frameworks covered

The 10 Product Frameworks covered in the article are:

  1. North Star Matric
  2. Jobs-to-Be-Done (JTBD)
  3. First Principles
  4. The Hook Model
  5. AARRR (The Pirate Metrics)
  6. HEART
  7. RICE scoring model
  8. MoSCoW

What to expect as a result of reading the article?

From the article, readers can expect to learn that various product management frameworks that provide structured approaches to optimize product development, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive business success. Each framework offers unique insights into understanding user needs, improving products, and achieving specific goals.

Final Thoughts

The article underscores the importance of product management frameworks in guiding efficient and effective product development processes. It encourages product managers to explore and apply these frameworks to enhance their decision-making, align teams, and create successful products. 

So, go ahead and give it a read!


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09 Jul 2022

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