Employee Asset Management Platform (Admin POV)



In this detailed case study, we will brainstorm and view the user journey, features, and implementation of a hypothetical employee asset management platform called ‘Talent Suit’ from the admin’s point of view.

Problem Statement

Many businesses struggle to effectively manage their employee assets, such as laptops, phones, and software licenses. This can lead to lost or damaged assets, unauthorized access to sensitive data, and compliance violations. 

Addressing this problem, create an admin dashboard for an employee asset management platform where the employees can be added or removed, and their devices can be tracked and managed.

Proposed Solution


Talent Suit is a cloud-based employee asset management platform that helps businesses track, manage and protect their employee assets. Talent Suit provides a single mirrored pane for all employee assets, making it easier for admins to see what assets are being used, who is using them, and where they are located Talent Suit also adds features to help admins manage access to assets, track asset usage, and generate reports.

Talent Suit can help businesses to save money, improve security, and reduce compliance risks:

- Reduce the amount of property lost or damaged

- Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data

- Follow industry standards

- Save time and money on asset management


Assuming the following:

- The business has an average of 100 employees.

- The data you enter into the platform such as property information and usage patterns, will be accurate.

- The platform will have access control, encryption, and other security measures to protect sensitive employee and property data from unauthorized access.

- Platforms can handle increasing numbers of assets and users without compromising performance as the business grows.

- Managers will be provided with appropriate training materials to use all features of the platform.

User Persona

User Persona 1: Operations Manager - Asset Tracking Focus

Name: Sarah

Role: Operations Manager

Responsibilities: Sarah is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company, including the management of assets assigned to employees. Responsible for ensuring that all assets are accounted for, properly allocated, and used properly.

Objective: Ensure accurate tracking of assets and minimize losses due to misplaced or unaccounted assets. Streamline the asset allocation process.

Challenges: Difficult to manually monitor asset locations and usage. Real-time asset uncertainty and maturity dates.

Demand: A platform that provides real-time updates on asset locations, utilization, and renewal dates. Access control features to prevent unauthorized access.

Usage: Sarah logs into Talent Suit to view dashboards, identify assets that need to be updated quickly, and allocate assets to employees. He also prepares reports for senior management and compliance audits.

User Persona 2: IT Manager - Access Control and Compliance Focus

Name: Alex

Role: Information Technology Manager

Background: Alex is responsible for the organization’s IT infrastructure and security. Ensures that employees have access to secure assets while complying with data protection regulations.

Goal: Create strong access controls to prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data. Ensure compliance with industry regulations and internal policies.

Challenges: Balancing safe access with ease of use. Identify and mitigate potential security risks.

Requirement: A platform that provides robust access control mechanisms, enabling authorized users to access specific assets. Advanced statistical methods for compliance reporting.

Functionality: Alex uses Talent Suit to track access authorizations, track changes in property use, and generate compliance reports. Actively manages the user process and monitors the use of assets.


User Journey

View the Complete Flow Here.

The user journey (for the admin in this case) would look like this:

1. Enter the platform and login.

2. Choose role access.

3. View a dashboard of assets and employees.

4. Selects the asset and view its profile or add a new device.

5. Module to update information like expiration date, and track the asset location and usage details.

6. Create asset usage reports, download reports, or share them with upper management.

View the Complete Flow Here.


Main Features of Talent Suit from Admin POV:

Asset management: Manages the location of all employee assets - see who is using them and where they are located.

Access control: Allows the admin to control access to assets - preventing unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data.

Usage Monitoring: Monitors asset usage - gives admins insight into how assets are being used.

Reports: Provides reports on asset usage - allowing the admin to identify areas where asset management can be improved.

PRD for further implementation.

Key Takeaways

Talent Suit is a hypothetical employee asset management platform that is designed to help businesses manage and protect employee assets effectively.

Admins get real-time updates on asset locations, usage, and renewal dates, ensuring accurate tracking and timely actions.

Access control features prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data, improving security.

Admins follow a user journey with steps like logging in, choosing role access, viewing asset dashboards, updating asset information, and creating reports.

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12 Aug 2023

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