Shopify - PRD with Primary Research on AOV Boosting Plugin.


This project is based on an assignment done for a company that builds Shopify Micro-Saas Applications for e-commerce merchants. The current plugin assignment is about a Fixed Product bundle plugin that will help Shopify Merchants increase their Average Order Value (AOV) by integrating with their stores.

Primary Assumptions

  • Built for Shopify Merchants only.
  • We are targeting all types of e-commerce merchants and not sticking to specific categories.
  • There are no constraints on time, budget, and resources.
  • There are no specific design principles and UI to be kept in mind.

Extra efforts put in on the assignment: Decided to go and conduct user interviews to understand the market better instead of sticking to just my own assumptions.

Time Taken: 6-7 hours (along with user interviews and other primary research).

No. of users interviewed: 9 in a single day.

User buckets

  • Shopify direct store owners.
  • Merchant's team or store managers.
  • Shopify Developers who have worked with multiple clients.

Proof-of-work links

Note: I have added acceptance criteria and user stories for all the features now as opposed to what is mentioned in the explainer.

11 Sep 2023

product management
product manager
product requirement documentation
user research
user interviews
ux research

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