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Jammu is a pilgrimage center and the second-last railway terminal in North India. Tourism is the city’s largest industry. There are numerous states accessible via each route. As a result, the 

Jammu is the winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir, an Indian union territory. It is the central command and the biggest city in the Jammu district located on the banks of the Tawi River, surrounded in the north by the Himalayas and in the south by the northern plains. Jammu is the union territory’s second-most populous city and the most visited destination in the union territory is Jammu. A railway station in Jammu called Jammu Tawi connects major Indian cities to the city. The main cultural and economic hub of Jammu’s administrative division is Jammu city. In the vicinity of Jammu, the region produces one of the most well-known varieties of local Basmati rice, which is then processed in various rice mills in Jammu. In addition to the rice mills scattered throughout Jammu, the industrial estate at Bari Brahmana is home to numerous manufacturing facilities that produce a wide range of goods, including carpets, electronic goods, and electric goods.

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