Made it to 1st Product of the Day on Product Hunt

I launched my first info-product "200+ Growth Marketing Resources" on Product Hunt.

And I made it to the 1st Product of the Day and 3rd Product of the Weekend. 

  • 500+ Upvotes & 75 comments on PH
  • 1000+ Sales on Gumroad
  • Gained followers on Product Hunt, Twitter and Linkedin
  • Got mentioned in Product Hunt newsletters and social media shoutouts

I compiled these resources over the last 6 months thinking of someday launching it and finally launched it on 17th Sept, 2023. 

For the launch, I created and wrote copy for the Product Hunt Landing page, Gumroad page and added the links from my sheets to the ClickUp Docs.

p.s. Happy to offer a 15-minute free consultation, DM "PH" on Linkedin if you already have an info-product and you are looking to launch it soon.

17 Sep 2023


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