Captions for Devdas - The Musical

One of my responsibilities for Devdas - The Musical, premiering for the first time in Singapore to an international audience, encompassed generating a multitude of captions for AGP World, ZeeTV APAC, and Arte Compass (co-producers) of the musical show.

While some of these captions were utilized, others were not, yet every slide in the Canva link received approval from all parties involved.

The Instagram link provided serves as social proof of my work. From October 1st, 2022, to March 14th, 2023, I wrote the captions showcased therein. The approvals for these captions were obtained from AGP World, ZeeTV APAC, and SISTIC.

Devdas - The Musical Instagram

Devdas - the Musical Website

ZeeTV APAC Instagram

AGP World Instagram

Arte Compass Instagram

Please Note:
I cannot share the content pegs and marketing strategies I developed due to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). 

01 Oct 2022

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