Organizer : Adivasi and Roots - Way forward for the Planet.

"Tubers played a significant role in food security, nutrition, and climate change adaptation in our country. Many local communities preserved diverse varieties of roots and tubers. Unfortunately, several of these crops remained underutilized and neglected, deserving more outreach and awareness. In this context, a 'Tuber Mela' was organized on 6th and 7th February 2021 in Mysuru. Sahaja Samrudha, in collaboration with Rotary Club of Mysore (West), organized the Roots and Tuber Mela.

The focus of the event was to sensitize urban communities about the benefits of tuber consumption and explore ways to add more value for forest communities by involving them in cultivation. Over 25 groups, including Jenu Kuruba, Betta Kuruba, Soliga, Irula, and Kunabi tribes, participated in the mela, showcasing various tubers, food items, and value-added products.

Rare roots and tubers such as air potato, purple yam, black turmeric, and arrowroot seed material were available for sale. The event featured a 'Cooking with Tubers' workshop, highlighting the healthiest and most delicious ways to cook with these ingredients. A Roots and Tubers Cooking contest on the 7th added excitement. These initiatives aimed to introduce the nutritional value of tubers to the younger generation, steering them away from fast/junk food.

The mela served as a platform for forest communities to display their exceptional knowledge of edible tubers they gather or grow on their farms. The event was inaugurated by Sri Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar, Custodian of the Royal House of Mysore. Rtn. Raghavendra Prasad, President of Rotary Club of Mysore West, presided over the inauguration. N.M. Shaji of Kedaram Tuber Conservation at Wayanad, the chief guest, displayed 120 varieties of tubers, including rare varieties recovered by tribals from deep forest regions.

For further details and to participate in future events, please contact Deepak at 9986623073."

Sahaja Samruddha 

08 Feb 2021

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