COV-19 | India

COV-19 | India

Website: COV-19 | India

Coronavirus Outbreak in India: Latest Map and Case Count with real Time update data along with essential information.

Key Features

  • Easy Data representation of Covid cases in India.
  • States along with District data in tabular format.
  • Generate Table data direct from website (JSON, CSV, PDF)
  • Covid Map Visualization of India (District & States)
  • Covid Graph Visualization of India
  • Information to awareness

Website Info

Developed by Debraj Karmakar

This is a small effort from my side to keep yourself updated with the number of corona cases reported in India so far. Checkout the APIs here. Thankful to @covid19india organization for such a wonderful API. It takes the Open Graph image used from here.

Technology Used :

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • Material UI
  • jQuery
  • D3
  • TopoJSON
  • Ajax
  • Fetch API
  • JavaScript
  • Github
  • VS Code
  • Chrome

Official data

  Case counts:

  Testing stats:

  Hospitals & beds:

  Contact & helpline:

Unofficial data


Challenges and learning:

  • It was really challenging to show the district-wise data in its respective states.
  • Implementing the D3 is not an easy one but finally, I showed the data visualization on the map along with the graphs.
  • It took great time and patients to complete this project, but finally, the joy is in the peek.


Here are the key takeaways of this Project

  • Working with an HTTP request
  • Working with JSON Data (Arrays and Objects)
  • Sorting Numeric Data
  • Sorting Datatype
  • Sorting String and Object arrays
  • Doing arithmetic Calculation on Object types
  • Nesting Table Dynamically
  • Loading component Dynamically on Click
  • Use of moment Date Filter
  • Export data directly from the webpage


So I hope you will like this project. And kindly do check my live link to the website. Please feel free to go through the statistics and keep learning and utilize your time. 



28 Feb 2021

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