Portfolio/Landing UI Template

I designed a Portfolio landing page Template in Figma. It is a sole project done by Datta Velivela. I designed it with love for the commUNITY by a community person.


@ashwinexe, @siddharth_hacks, @starlightknown, @kaiwalya_, and many others sharing their knowledge, experiences, and suggestions with folks. Their contribution to the community is helpful, inspiring, and motivating for every aspiring individual regardless of their expertise and knowledge. So I want to share my contribution that helps people or at least one individual to build his/her/their portfolio.

Who can use it?

This template is for every aspiring learning individual, professional, and every person to build their portfolio to make it look good.

What does it have?

It consists of

- Landing Page UI (Figma Template File)

- Completely Free


- Design System

- Homepage

Thank you for reading!

Your time is highly appreciated. 

If you want to chat or collaborate on a project, feel free to connect with me on Linkedin, Instagram, or Twitter, or email me at [email protected].

11 Jul 2022

UI Design
Landing Page

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