Website Designing / Copywriting / SEO / Content Writing

Objective of the project:

  • Panacea Valley, already established in NLP training and consultations, wanted to refresh their online presence and generate more leads. They approached me to redesign their website using WordPress and Elementor, focusing on user-friendliness, lead generation, and brand identity.

Building time:

  • I completely transformed their website within a month using WordPress and Elementor. This involved copywriting, content writing, working closely with the Panacea Valley team to understand their vision, target audience, and website goals, then crafting a visually engaging and intuitive user experience.

Pricing for similar projects:

  • WordPress and Elementor website redesign projects vary in cost depending on complexity, customization, and ongoing maintenance needs. For similar projects to Panacea Valley, I typically offer a range of [insert approximate price range], but I'd be happy to discuss a personalized quote based on your specific needs.

Tools used:

  • My primary tools for this project were WordPress and Elementor, leveraging their powerful capabilities for design flexibility and lead generation features. I also used additional plugins and tools to optimize performance, SEO, and user experience.

Independent or organizational work:

  • This project was a collaboration between myself and the Panacea Valley team. Their insights and expertise were invaluable in shaping the website's direction and content.

14 Jan 2022

website designing
website designer
content writing

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