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During my time in product management, I had the opportunity to work on different case studies. Through these experiences, I gained valuable knowledge of how products function as a brand.

Each case study presented unique challenges and opportunities. By analyzing customer data, market trends, and competitor strategies, I was able to develop comprehensive product plans that aligned with our company's goals and values.

Through the process of developing the decks containing the product features. In this case study I created a problem statement and came up with the solution to it: 

Problem Statement

There are many challenges faced by a working women having children(baby child). Let us suppose there is a women and she don’t have so much time to prepare food and yes we can’t have the blind trust on caretaker for her baby child. So to overcome that problem there should be a product which can help her.


Let us make a product which can overcome the problem just by ordering food for the baby. By this if that women is even if going to home and she orders food or something related to her baby then it gets delivered instantly and she don’t need to stress out for the work.

My Approach

  1. Let us build app targeting baby child and his food majorly.
  2. To get the major user retention let us make it user-centric i.e. everybody can access it from any age group.
  3. Not only food delivery let us also target restaurant bookings so that if a family or couples want to dine out for dinner then there should only one brand name that is this app.

05 Jun 2023

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