Lead Generation Process Mapping With Funnelytics

A virtual assistant agency, was struggling to attract new customers and grow her email list in a cost-effective way.  

Posting ads and doing one-off promotions on social media wasn't sustainable anymore, so she needed a systematic way to turn visitors into qualified prospects and buyers.

I mapped out the lead generation process using Funnelytics.

Created free pdf guide as a lead magnet using Canva to attract visitors from social media traffic.  

When leads information is captured via the Brevo Opt-in form, tags/attributes are automatically updated on Brevo for nurturing.  

And a welcome email with the link to the free guide is automatically set to the lead.

While redirected to a sales page designed with WIX website builder where they could purchase my flagship product. And any purchases also added tags in Brevo for further campaigns



29 Aug 2023

Sales page
marketing automation
lead magnet
digital marketing
virtual assistant
process mapping

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