Chetna Grover

Creative Designer🖌️|| I design beautiful landing pages, modern websites, and excellent mobile/web apps without sacrificing functionality. || Psychology

UI/UX Design


  Working at gluelabs.com

  • Hero Sections Design

    03 Feb 2024

  • Landing Page Designs

    22 Jan 2024

  • Ariro Toys Redesigned

    What's New??? 🔹Sleek Design: Capturing the essence of Ariro Toys with a visually stunning interface. 🔹Enhanced User...

    20 Nov 2023

  • Vajiram and Ravi Redesigned

    Challenges and Goals 1. The existing website faced challenges such as outdated design, complex navigation, and limited u...

    05 Jul 2023

  • Psychology Biases Behind Social Media

    This project delves into the psychological biases that influence user behavior on social media platforms. The project of...

    23 May 2023

  • Scale Smarter - Gluelabs

    Glue Labs' website presents a modern, engaging, and user-centric design that effectively showcases the company's experti...

    30 Mar 2023

  • “Designing for Accessibility: How Indian Currency Notes Promote Inclusivity for All”

    This project explores the inclusive design principles implemented in Indian currency notes. How the design choices made...

    27 Mar 2023

  • Performance Marketing Creatives

    The "JAR Performance Marketing Creatives" project presents a collection of visually impactful designs specifically creat...

    06 Feb 2023

  • UX of Offline Products

    The user experience (UX) of an offline product refers to how easy and enjoyable it is for users to interact with the pro...

    19 Jan 2023

  • UX Analysis Of Myntra

    Laws of UX followed by Myntra - A UX Analysis Case Study This project conducts an in-depth analysis of Myntra's UX, exa...

    06 Dec 2022

  • UI/UX Designer

    Creative Designer || I design beautiful landing pages, modern websites, and excellent mobile/web apps without sacrificin...

    04 Oct 2022

  • Ads Creative - GIF's

    With their vibrant colors, seamless looping, and expressive qualities, these GIFs capture attention and provide a deligh...

    15 Apr 2022

  • Investing Landing Page UI Design

    This design showcases a seamless blend of modern aesthetics and intuitive functionality, making it a highly effective to...

    21 Jan 2022

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