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  • Android Weekly - https://androidweekly.net/issues/issue-461
  • Kotlin Weekly - https://mailchi.mp/kotlinweekly/kotlin-weekly-245
  • ProAndroidDev - https://proandroiddev.com/noisy-code-with-kotlin-scopes-331c632739de
  • DroidCon - https://www.droidcon.com/news-detail?content-id=/repository/collaboration/Groups/spaces/droidcon_hq/Documents/public/news/android-news/Noisy%20Code%20With%20Kotlin%20Scopes
  • DailyDev - https://chetangupta.net/content/images/2021/04/Screenshot-2021-04-08-at-6.27.46-PM.png

Android Weekly | Kotlin Weekly | ProAndroidDev | DroidCon | many more.. 

05 Apr 2021

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