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Chetan Gupta

Chetan Gupta

Hello there! I go in community with the name Ch8n. I'm a mobile technology enthusiast! love Android #kotlinAlltheWay, want to explore all opportunity around it!, blogging at CodingMantra: #cleanCoder #TDD #SOLID #designpatterns
  • Android App Development
Currently Working at Deutsche Telekom
  • Compose flocking Ants(boids) 🐜🐜🐜

    Jetpack Compose Boids | Flocking Insect. bird or Fish simulation using Jetpack Compose Desktop πŸš€, using Canvas API 🎨

    21 Jun 2021

  • Jetpack Compose Fruit-Ninja πŸ₯

    Welcome Fruit Ninja on Jetpack Compose Desktop πŸš€, using Canvas API 🎨Featured onjetc-devCompose-Digest #20onCreate-Digest...

    15 Jun 2021

  • Compose Space-Invaders πŸ‘Ύ

    The alien invasion πŸ‘Ύ is back! this time especially on Jetpack Compose Desktop πŸš€, using Canvas API 🎨

    01 Jun 2021

  • Canvas Raining 3D Jetpack Compose Desktop πŸš€

    Raining 3D particle System build using Canvas API Jetpack Compose Desktop πŸš€

    16 May 2021

  • Canvas | 3D space Particle System | Jetpack Compose

    Compose-StarWars 3D Space particle System build using Canvas API Jetpack Compose Desktop πŸš€ 

    14 May 2021

  • Taskie - A Todo and Note Taking MVVM Application

    A simple Notes Android app following featuresSingle activity architectureSocial login: Google Sign-in Shared prefer...

    20 Apr 2021

  • Kotlin Tree DSL | Git 14 stars | Reddit 2 awards

    Tree Data structureI have Implemented Tree DS as Kotlin DSL and IMO it looks super clean!MotivationI'm Implementing Data...

    14 Apr 2021

  • Self Implemented Android Framework - Activity & BackStack

    Self Implemented Android Framework class that also have - lifecycle behavior -  back stack to it as wellc...

    11 Apr 2021

  • Kotlin Scope Code Noise | Feature Over multiple International Publication

    Published over Android Weekly - Weekly -

    Android Weekly | Kotlin Weekly | ProAndroidDev | DroidCon | many more..  05 Apr 2021

  • Winner Android Development Challenge 2021

    Android development Challenge Week 1 winner for Pet Adoption Application

    Google Android Team  02 Apr 2021

  • Countie-Compose | Jetpack Compose | Android Development Challenge 2021 - Week 2

    Countie-ComposeCountdown timer is timer application build with ❀️ and πŸš€ jetpack compose for Jetpack Compose #AndroidDevC...

    04 Mar 2021

  • PupDopter πŸ• | Jetpack Compose | Android Development Challenge - Week 1

    PupDopter πŸ•PupDopter πŸ• is Puppy adoption app build with ❀️ and πŸš€ Jetpack Compose #AndroidDevChallengeApplication to part...

    03 Mar 2021

  • AsyncTasker | Self implemented Async Task | Async Task Challenge

    Self Implemented Android Async task, submitted for Pooja's AsyncTask ChallengeAPI designThis is a sample project api des...

    03 Mar 2021

  • Kotlin Game Development | Korge

    Game Development Using Kotlin Korge FrameworkVarious game window and menu optionSprite base animationText and Font rende...

    06 Feb 2021

  • Jetpack Compose Expandable Cards

    Expanding Cards ComposeSample of Cards which on click expands and collapse Horizontally Compose API UsedCardRowText...

    24 Jan 2021

  • Morse Code Cli | Made with Kotlin ❀️

    Script that can encode a given message to Morse-Code or decode a given morse-code to messageπŸ”§ FrameworkCliKt for Scaffol...

    04 Jan 2021

  • Big-Brain-Kotlin | Article Feature Kotlin Weekly

    Kotlin Weekly  03 Jan 2021

  • Android Tech Star 2020

    IT Mentor Awards  for contribution to tech communities 

    India Mentor  30 Dec 2020

  • Kotlin Native Dependency Injection | Published at Multiple International Publications

    Published over :Kotlin Weekly : : https://proandroiddev.c...

    Kotlin Weekly | ProAndroidDev | DroidCon | many more..  25 Sep 2020

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