The Gap Between Rich And Poor in India - Thumbnail Design

Genre: India/Indian Economy

Story: India is currently the fastest growing economy in the world and has seen a surge of millionaires- multimillionaires recently. However the truth of India's growth is a bit different from what we see in traditional media. It's true that the GDP of India is growing rapidly but does it help the poor in any way? As we can see poor people are still suffering due to lack of absolute necessities. The gap between poor and rich is increasing rapidly.

Thumbnail concept: On background we have a red growing graph to show that it's growing but still negative. Far right we have PM Narendra Modi who represents India. A begger on far left.  We have Adani firing a gunshot at the begger. 

Suitable Channel: Any channel covering a similar topic can use the thumbnail.


Charges: 300-500INR

29 Jul 2023

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Rich vs poor

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