Tesla Vs OLA in India

Genre: Startup/Business

Story: Tesla is set to build a mega factory in India with a capacity of 5Lakh  unit/year. On the other hand Ola is already dominating in the electric two wheeler market and set to launch their 4 wheeler in the near future. They have also built the largest Giga factory.

Thumbnail Concept:

As they are competing with each other we have "vs" in the middle and a white divider. On left we have Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla) with US flag in his background and part of Tesla logo.


On right side, we have Bhavish Agarwal (CEO of Ola) with Indian flag in his background. And part of OLA logo.



Charges: 300-500INR

21 Jul 2023

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Elon musk
Graphic design
Ola vs tesla

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