E-Commerce App

Why I built an E-Commerce App?

Building an e-commerce app is widely popular among React developers because it helps in understanding the core and fundamental concepts of React in detail. Since there is already a set of defined features an e-commerce app can have that really helped me in just focusing on implementing those features that are majorly common in any project we can think of building using React.

Tech Stack:

  • React JS
  • Vite
  • Firebase
  • Redux Toolkit
  • React Router
  • TailwindCSS
  • Material UI


  • Product search which allows users to search for specific products by their name or category.
  • The category filter allows users to see only the selected category products.
  • Shopping cart which lets users add and remove items from their cart and have additional information about the number of products and total cost.
  • Google Authentication using Firebase allows users to log in and log out.
  • Interactive Checkout page that takes in Shipping and Payment information before buying.

28 Dec 2022

React Router

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