Banner For A Hosting Company

Banner help brands to convey the particular message to audience in much faster way. This is a banner designed for a blue greek hosting.  Do let me know what do you feel about this banner. 

Objective : To represent the particular specification of the shared hosting so that more and more people can buy there hosting services.

Tools : Adobe illustrator, which offers great variety of tool to design and edit, and Adobe photoshop, which corrects the necessary details, were utilised to translate my ideas onto a canvas.

Timeline: The project's research, design and editing took about 1 to 2 days.  

Charges: I have charged just Rs.300 INR for this project. As it was my first project of banner design.

How Can I Help ?

I have the knowledge of not only creating designs but i also know how to connect with the audience emotions. I can elevate your brand from 0 to 1 and further on.  

Click on " PROOF " to check my work.

Have a good day. ❣

27 May 2023

Adobe illustrator

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