Flexiple Survey - “Offer to Onboarding”


The objective of this project was to create a 12-question survey that would form the basis of a report titled "From Offer to Onboarding". The premise of the report is to uncover insights into the hiring journey from the point of offer acceptance to the onboarding of engineers.

This would cover the offer-to-joining ratio, drop-off rates, decision-making factors, and the identification of tactics used to improve these metrics.  The survey had to be designed from two POVs -  the hiring companies and the engineers. 

Tools Used

To complete this project, I used a set of tools such as Excel, Google Docs, Notion, and Tally.

I also relied on heavy desktop research to understand what we already know about factors that influence the onboarding journey for candidates:

Indeed’s Ghosting in Hiring Report

LinkedIn's Collection on Employer Brand Statistics

CareerPlug's 2024 Candidate Experience Report

Time Taken 

The overall time I took for this project was 06 hours. This included the research and my analysis that formed the basis of the questions, creating an engaging copy for the survey, creating and testing the form on Tally, and of course, presenting all this in a neatly cleaned-up Notion doc as you can see! :)

04 Feb 2024


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