Instagram Posts for Luxurious Make-up Brand


The goal of this project was to enhance engagement and increase click-through rates for a luxurious brand on Instagram. The brand had been struggling to effectively communicate its premium value, resulting in low user engagement and minimal website visits.


Research and Brand Analysis:

I began by thoroughly researching the brand's identity, target audience, and competitors. This involved studying their existing social media presence and analyzing industry trends to gain insights into effective strategies for luxury brands on Instagram. 

Creative Concept Development:

Based on my research, I developed a creative concept that would effectively communicate the brand's premium value.

Visual Design and Content Creation:

Using the established creative concept, I designed a series of Instagram posts that were visually stunning and captivating. Each post featured a unique combination of high-quality product imagery, lifestyle visuals, and carefully crafted copy.

Iterative Feedback and Revisions:

Throughout the design process, I maintained open communication with the client, seeking their feedback and incorporating their suggestions.



My carefully crafted Instagram posts helped the luxury brand overcome its engagement and click-through rate challenges. By effectively conveying the brand's premium value, I successfully captivated their target audience and guided them to take action, ultimately boosting the brand's online presence and driving valuable traffic to its website.

Ps - It is my passion sample project.

20 Jun 2023

Instagram posts
social media
graphic designs
social media manager
207 sec

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