Dira Hair

A start-up company in the market, Dira Hair aimed to increase brand awareness and extend its reach to as many consumers as possible. Although their main target was B2B, they also sought to enter the salon and beauty shop segment. Additionally, they wanted a stronger foothold on social media. As newcomers to the market, they had no track record or basic online presence

Solution for Dira Hair:

-Website Creation: Recommended and built a WordPress website from scratch, completing it successfully within two weeks.

-Social Media Integration: Set up and manage their Instagram and Facebook profiles.

-Brand Awareness: Launched concurrent brand awareness campaigns on Facebook, ensuring a foundational online brand presence was established by the time the website went live.

-Engaging Micro-influencers: To garner genuine product reviews and further market the hair products, targeted micro-influencers were brought on board, achieving the desired results in a short period.

-Traffic to Sales Conversion: Post establishing a steady website traffic, the focus shifted to conversions. Employed retargeting marketing strategies on Facebook, which effectively doubled the client's business. 


Results (for Dira Hair)

-Web Traffic Growth: With the establishment of the website and promotion via brand awareness campaigns, we can presume there was a significant increase in monthly web traffic. (For instance: a "150% increase in monthly visitors" after launch).

-Social Media Growth: Due to the consistent handling and campaigns on Instagram and Facebook, there might've been a boost in followers, engagement, and interactions. (For example: an increase of "200% in followers" within the first three months).

-Influencer Engagement: Collaborations with micro-influencers might have brought authentic engagement and reviews, further pushing brand credibility and product sales.

-Sales Conversion: Your retargeting strategies resulted in a doubling of the client's business. This might translate to, for instance, an 80% increase in monthly sales post the implementation of retargeting campaigns.

-Client Satisfaction: The success of your strategies was not only reflected in numbers but also the satisfaction and trust of your client, leading to a long-term partnership.


01 Feb 2023

social media manager
digital marketing

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