My Content Creator Journey so far!

I love traveling and weaving stories. If you want to know "why" then we get to plan to meet either virtually or in person because maybe I can end up writing paragraphs++++ on this. :P

Okay! Here's My quick bio: 🌻

👉I'm creative, & spiritual being. I carry myself a beautiful smile and keep cooking something on my mind, journal, and laptop. I edit my YouTube channel vlogs & Instagram reels. And I love my side hustle job!! 🔥🎬

👉 Every day, I practice Yoga in the morning, read 10 pages, love eating fruits, and always tend to order myself brownies 🤤🤌🏼 No guilt though, so if you offer me the best brownies at your place, I may give you some discounts while quoting. :P

👉I work as a Business Analyst at Deloitte Hyderabad..So, managing my life & leave. The best part is I'm learning fortunes in this independent journey.

The worst part is I get no chill. I'm looking forward to sailing myself on one boat at a time and shifting my career entirely to something that I love & share across the world 🌍


Fueler is incredibly fueling folks & minds like us.

And here I'm taking a chance to help myself & you as well via the Fueler platform.⚡

I'm going to link my portfolio and share the work with you.🔗

Well, I'm not using great vast editing software to edit my videos currently because that requires a lot of bucks to purchase. Nevertheless, surely I can say I'm trying something new every time I edit my vlogs! And that's fun and mind-boggling 🧠✅

Check it out ❤️🤝🏼



16 Apr 2023

content creator
video editing

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