Admaniac challenge || Bummer

Brand featured - 

'Bummer'  is an underwear brand that is all about reminding you to stay comfy. It's an Indian innerwear brand that offers the softest undies for both men and women. This brand claims that its undies are perfect for Gen-Z, who want both comfort and style.  To showcase the quality, we created a carousel of mock ads that interestingly blends famous brand taglines and Bollywood movie quotes.

About Bummer-

Bummer is an Indian brand that offers premium comfort wear. Known for its high-quality products, this brand gained recognition through its appearance on Shark Tank India. The brand is known for its fun prints and bold colors.

Their secret? they use sustainably sourced micromodal fabric with a stretchy touch in funky prints and bold colors.

Stages :

- Brand Analysis

Analyzing the brand, the target audience, brand strategy, brand identity, and what type of content they regularly share on social media platforms.

- Ideas and Implementation

We mixed Bummer with famous slogans and Bollywood quotes to connect with Gen Z.

- Creating Cool Ads

Our ads are simple but stylish to show Bummer's comfort.

- Advertisement selection

1. Brands

In this process, we chose well-known brands with catchy and easily recognizable taglines. Brands like Starbucks, Red Bull, Zepto, TATA Sky, and Burger King are popular among today's generation.

2. Movies

We created another carousel featuring popular movies of the past era, we showcased how  Iconic characters of different movies would look like if they wore our products.

Movies featured: 3 Idiots, Mr. India (Mogambo), PK, Superman 

- Tool Used

We used Canva, Photoshop, and Figma for designing and Google, YouTube, and Instagram for research.

Time taken: 

We finished it in two days, just like Gen Z's fast-paced vibe😂

Roles :

Writing: Aakanksha Umath

Designing: Anmol Ghai

Marketing & Brand Selection: Anand Arya

16 Oct 2023

Mock ad
graphic designing
creative thinking
marketing strategies
social media
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