IndieHaat Logo Design

Objective: The aim of this project was to showcase my prowess in graphic design through the creation of a distinctive logo for IndieHaat Pvt Ltd. endeavoring to encapsulate the essence and vision of the brand while ensuring aesthetic appeal and versatility.


Process: I began by researching IndieHaat's values, audience, and industry landscape to understand its identity. Drawing inspiration from these insights, I created multiple logo iterations using Adobe Illustrator, experimenting with typography, visuals, and colors. Through iterative refinement and feedback, I arrived at a design that captures IndieHaat's essence and ensures versatility.

Adobe Photoshop enhanced the logo's visual aspects, ensuring clarity and crispness, while Figma facilitated collaborative design and seamless integration of feedback. The final logo embodies IndieHaat's authenticity, creativity, and innovation, reflecting its unique identity and resonating with its audience.


Disclaimer: This project was independently undertaken without involvement or influence from IndieHaat Pvt Ltd stakeholders. All logo design rights belong to the brand, showcasing my commitment to delivering impactful design solutions.

29 Mar 2024

Graphics design
Logo Design
graphic design

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