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For only $100, I will increase WordPress speed optimization for google page speed insights and gtmetrix. | Get 90+ on Google PageSpeed Insights Desktop or GTMetrix score for your WordPress site! 


Why Site Speed is Important?

Do you know 40% of your user will abandon a page that takes more than 5 seconds to load? Everything improves when your site loads faster. Google ranks you higher. Bounce rates decrease. Conversion rates increase. You make more money. We will do WordPress speed optimization according to gtmetrix & google page speed insights recommendations. You can have peace of mind that the loading time of your website will improve drastically.


What will you get after the optimization: 

  1. An optimized site with an optimized database, and reduce page size and quick page load time.
  2. Before & After Reports of GTMetrix & PageSpeed Insights so you can compare the results.

What I'll do:

  • Configure caching (site-wide) HTML, CSS & JS Minification
  • Losslessly Images Optimization + auto-optimize/Rescale image size on new upload (webP)
  • Configure CDN Service

Why Hire Me?

1. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
2. 10+ Years of Experience in WordPress Development
3. After-Work Support

You get what you pay for, which is a high-performance site!

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08 Dec 2022

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