Amateur Blogger Mistake

Objective: This article aims to help amateur bloggers by providing insights and guidance on common blogging mistakes to avoid. It highlights key errors, such as poor content structure and ineffective promotion strategies, while offering practical tips to enhance their blogging efforts and improve the quality and reach of their blog.

Tools Used: In writing this article, Google Docs served as the primary writing platform and Grammarly helped ensure writing accuracy. Additionally, research was conducted using various online resources, industry publications, and personal expertise to gather relevant insights and practical tips for the article.

Challenges and Learnings: Writing this article presented challenges in balancing concise content while addressing a diverse audience of amateur bloggers. Thorough research was necessary to identify relevant and up-to-date information. The process provided valuable insights into common pitfalls, emphasizing the importance of content structure, consistency, SEO optimization, and effective promotion strategies.

Timeline: Since it is a research-based article, it consumed approximately 7 to 8 hours, encompassing tasks such as initial research and planning, as well as concluding with analysis and reporting.

Price: Setting prices depend on multiple factors such as article length and resources used. However, for creating a similar project, I'd charge somewhere around 3000-5000.

Organization: This project was created for a Blogger wherein who provided me with all the initial resources.

Result: The article provides beginner bloggers with valuable insights on common mistakes to avoid, offering practical tips to enhance their blogging efforts. The article equips readers with actionable guidance to improve the quality and reach of their blogs.

11 Jan 2023

amatuer bloggers
blogging mistakes
amateur blogger

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