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FamPay (YC S19) is India's first neo-bank for teenagers, with a mission to raise smart and financially aware new generation (the GenZ), with the right set of financial tools, community efforts and practical experience through gamification. Key Responsibilities: - Marketing Communications - Content Creation - Brand Partnerships - Conducting User Surveys - Community Building - Designing (Instagram Stories and LinkedIn Creatives specifically) Impact - Generated and analyzed weekly reports on target markets and consumer demographics, influencing the content strategy leading to a 20% increase in user retention - Developed visualization dashboards using Python to track customer engagement across social-media platforms to better target our marketing strategies - Developed an automated prioritization framework to resolve customer queries using Inflact as the CRM tool, reducing turnaround time by 2X - **Portfolio** FamPay has allowed me to play several roles. I along with my team have built Discord right from **scratch into a community of more than 50k+ members.**  I was responsible for **Partnerships on Discord and later for other Social Media platforms.**  Apart from that I handled a segment of Content and complete Analytics for Social Media. This included - Approaching brands for partnership, - Talking to them - Creating an MoU and - Executing the partnership successfully. To speak numbers we closed 15 partnerships in 2 weeks. - Below are the links to the content series that I created on a weekly basis. I lead the content creation on [stories at FamPay]( - I took charge of content on LinkedIn entirely [Series 1]( [Series 2](

27 Jul 2020 - 01 Jun 2022

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