- Worked in Amazon for nearly 8 years in various teams like Kindle Direct Publishing, E-ink, Alexa, Physical stores and HR tech teams. - Had been involved in designing and development of front end and backend automation frameworks for key products in each team which is widely used across the world by millions of users. - Involved in the development of E-ink kindle home redesign project, building 'Accessibility screen reader' feature for e-ink devices, developing automation from scratch for Alexa communication framework, etc. - Have interacted with teams across continents and across roles (PM, TPM, Directors, etc) in collaborating on projects, automation, launches, etc both in person and online. - Have co-managed a team of 7 members in onboarding them for automation, enabling them to contribute to the automation and set up a continuous deployment cycle for good quality of code. - Have been known among peers and colleagues as someone who gives attention to details (builds exact replicas of what's there in Figma), and quality of the code, thinks in the long term without sacrificing the immediate deliverables, and is very friendly to work with :)

14 Jun 2013 - 10 Oct 2021

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