Instagram Content Strategy for Travel Menu


- The main aim of the project was to devise an engaging Instagram content strategy for 'Travel Menu', a tourism business, to increase their brand awareness.

Initial Steps:

- The project initiated with an in-depth exploration of the tourism industry to understand the type of content that resonates with the target audience and effective ways to boost brand awareness.

- The research phase involved scrutinizing industry trends, audience preferences, and successful content types, which formed the foundation of the content strategy.

Content Strategy:

- The research insights guided the creation of content pillars and sub-categories, serving as a backbone for diverse content ideas organized into respective buckets.

- A detailed content strategy was drafted, encompassing a four-week content schedule that outlined the type of content to be posted each day.

- The strategy also included engagement tactics (such as 'Ask Me Anything' sessions and polls) and growth strategies (like collaborations and Instagram Ads).


- The project resulted in a comprehensive guide for 'Travel Menu' to enhance their online presence, forge meaningful connections with their audience, and showcase their unique travel offerings.

- The focus was not only on posting content but also on telling stories, sharing experiences, and fostering a community.

Learning Experience:

- The project served as a learning curve, enabling an exploration into a new industry and applying content strategy skills in a fresh context.

Client Testimonial:

- 'A huge thank to Abhay for amazing work as our content strategist and for growing our social media presence. You've made a tremendous impact with your creative ideas and strategic approach. Thank you!'

17 May 2023

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Social Media Management
Content Marketing
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