Zebra Tablet Vs Consumer devices comparison (Field Services Consumer Comparison)

Project Objective

This project aims to create a social media post comparing Zebra's ET40/45 Enterprise Tablets with consumer-grade devices for field service applications. The goal is to highlight the advantages of Zebra's tablets in terms of durability, features, and overall impact on field service operations.

Development Time

While the content for this post likely took a few hours to create, the underlying knowledge and expertise about Zebra tablets and field service needs would have been built over a longer period.

Cost Estimation

The cost you provided (Rs. 7000 for 12-16 similar posts) seems reasonable considering the research, content creation, and graphic design involved.

Tools Used

  • Content Creation: Google Doc - A great choice for writing and structuring the text.
  • Graphic Design: Canva - An excellent tool for creating professional-looking visuals for social media posts.


Overall, this project is a well-structured social media post that effectively positions Zebra's ET40/45 tablets as the superior choice for field service applications.

03 May 2024

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