15th Aug independence 2023 Reel! #momentmarketing


Adding Digital Marketing and Independence Day in one format and making them make sense.

(After concept)
Animating icons and still making people nostalgic 
The vibe of Winning, Being Free, Occasion, Process of getting freedom having there in the project. 

What I did:
Added sound and synced it to the action happening the video for Nostalgia
Concept of how it all comes together in an agency (Showed by Upgrade music and the increasing size of the Agency logo)
A line of copy to add how we (The brand) can help their (Customer/Clent) brand.

Tools used:
Adobe Illustrator (For Composition)
Adobe After Effects (For Animating the Composition)
Adobe Premiere Pro (For Sound Syncing with the animated elements and some final touches)


15 Aug 2023

Independence day
Independence day 2023
15th Aug 2023
Graphic Designer

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