4 Vital Points to Ask Your Astrologer Before Buying Gemstones

Astrological gemstones have been used for centuries to harness the power of planetary energies and bring about positive changes in one's life. These precious stones are believed to have the ability to amplify specific planetary energies and alleviate the harmful effects of planetary positions in one's horoscope. However, when it comes to buying astrological gemstones, there are several factors to consider to ensure that you get the most out of their benefits.

That is why consulting with a knowledgeable astrologer can be incredibly valuable, as they can assist you in determining which gemstone is most suited for your distinct horoscope and personal requirements. In this article, we will explore the four crucial points that you should discuss with your astrologer before buying gemstones online or offline.

Maximize the Benefits of Gemstones: Points to Consult with your Astrologer

1. Right Way to Wear Astrological Gemstones

It is important to understand that wearing an astrological gemstone is not simply a matter of aesthetics. There are specific guidelines you need to follow to fully harness its power.

One of the most critical factors to consider is the day and time you wear your gemstone. Just like the planets have their unique energy, a specific planet rules each day of the week. Wearing a gemstone corresponding to the planet ruling the day may amplify its power.

Another important consideration is the type of metal used in your ring or pendant, as they can also impact the gemstone's energy. Gold, for example, is often used for gemstones associated with the Sun, while silver is commonly used for gems related to the Moon.

Finally, the direction in which you wear your gemstone can also play a role in its effectiveness. Some gems are said to be more powerful when worn on certain fingers or facing a specific direction.

Seeking the advice of an astrologer is crucial as they can not only guide you on the ideal method and timing of wearing gemstones but also suggest the most suitable metal and direction for your gemstone jewelry.

2. Impact of Gemstone’s Inclusions, Color & Weight on its Energies

Did you know that the effectiveness of a real gemstone is not solely determined by its type or size? In fact, a gemstone’s color, inclusions, and weight can also impact its energies and properties.

Firstly, let's talk about inclusions. They are any internal imperfections or foreign materials present within a gemstone. These inclusions may have a significant impact on the energies and vibrations of the gem. For example, a stone with a black inclusion can absorb negative energies and offer protection to the wearer. On the other hand, one with clear or no inclusions is believed to have more powerful and clear energy.

While the color of a gemstone is often associated with specific astrological properties, it is also said to affect its effectiveness. For instance, a Yellow Sapphire is believed to enhance financial stability, while a Blue Sapphire is considered useful for improving career prospects.

Lastly, the weight of a gemstone is also believed to play a role in its effectiveness. Heavier gems are often thought to have a more significant impact on the wearer's energies and may offer more profound benefits.

Overall, it's crucial to consult with an expert astrologer as they can identify the ideal gemstone that aligns with your birth chart and harness its powerful energies for positive changes in your life.

3. Most Beneficial Form of Gemstone to Wear

Choosing the form in which you wear your astrological gemstone is not just a matter of personal preference but can actually impact the energy it brings to your life.

For example, wearing a gemstone as a ring can help you tap into its energy more efficiently and consistently throughout the day. Rings are worn close to the body and are often in contact with your skin, which is said to help strengthen the gemstone's effects.

On the other hand, wearing a gemstone as a pendant can help to align its energy with the energy of your heart chakra. This can be especially beneficial if you're looking to enhance your relationships, creativity, or emotional well-being.

At the same time, wearing a gemstone bracelet can help keep its energy flowing throughout your body, as the gem remains in contact with your skin and will move with your body as you go about your day.

In order to determine the most advantageous form of gemstone to suit your personal requirements, it is recommended that you seek the guidance of a proficient astrologer.

4. Compatibility of your Astrological Gemstone with Other Gems

Suppose you are already wearing an astrological gemstone, but you're considering adding another one to your collection. While it's easy to get carried away with the beauty and allure of these jewels, it's essential to consider their astrological compatibility before making a decision.

Just like how different zodiac signs have different personality traits, each gemstone also has its unique energy and properties. Some gems are fiery and passionate, while others are calming and soothing. When worn together, certain gemstones may amplify each other's effects, while others can cancel them out.

To achieve desired results in areas such as relationships, career, or personal well-being, it is essential to wear the appropriate combination of gemstones. Consulting an experienced astrologer can help you determine which gemstones may be most compatible with your unique astrological profile for maximum effectiveness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are astrological gemstones different from ornamental gemstones?

Yes, there is a significant difference between the two. Ornamental gemstones are used for their aesthetic value, while astrological gemstones are believed to have astrological properties that can positively affect a person's life.

Q2. Can I wear a treated gemstone for astrological purposes?

Gemstones that are treated to enhance their color and clarity may experience a decrease in their astrological potency. It is therefore recommended to opt for non-treated gemstones that retain their natural properties and energies, making them more suitable for astrological use.

24 May 2023

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