Logistics—LI post: Why outsource your logistics?

Why outsource to a partner who has a strong micro warehouse network across the city?

While most e-commerce and D2C brands are outsourcing their logistics to a reliable partner, it is essential to understand the impact micro warehouses make on customer priorities.

Let's begin with a few numbers to understand customers' needs:

1. 30% of consumers tend to buy from e-commerce sites that provide same-day delivery.

2. 61% of customers are willing to pay an extra amount for faster delivery. Or take a premium subscription.

These facts demonstrate how important delivery speed and same-day delivery have become in customers' lives. 🚛


Okay, but how will micro warehouses help?

Micro warehouses are located in multiple high-density areas in the city, with your products ready to get dispatched.

In other words, the products are stored as close as possible to your customers.

As a result, packaging and delivering products happen faster, and in our case, on the same day. 🚚


So do check how strong the logistic companies are with their warehouse network before hiring one.

Also, if you want to have a detailed conversation about how we can support your business, we are just an email away at [Brand email ID]. 📩

11 May 2022

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