IT Recruitment—IG Carousel: Top 3 IT career paths


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Finished your IT graduation and are not sure what road to take?
Here are the top three IT career paths you can choose from

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1. Cyber Security:
The industry has early-career jobs like information security analyst, cybersecurity analyst, and cybersecurity engineer.
Projected job growth: 31%

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2. Software and Web Development:
Multiple opportunities are present for web and software developers across various industries.
Projected job growth: 15%

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3. Data Cloud Computing:
No business runs without data today, and it opens numerous opportunities in the data science and analytics field.
Projected job growth: 10%

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Source: Coursera



IT is a vast domain with multiple career paths.

Understand where your interest and strength lie before choosing yours.

Here are a few more IT career paths you might consider:

-Cloud computing
-Computer support
-Network and systems
-Database Administration
-User Experience Designing

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07 Jul 2022

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