Vikas Mukherjee

An Aspiring Product Manager and just a newbie in nailing the problem-solving game. Please do check out my portfolio. Thank you!


  Working at ShipBob

  • PRD - Improving the retention of users by introducing Swiggy Milestone

    Introduce Swiggy Milestone, a gamification feature to improve the user retention of Swiggy

    04 Aug 2022

  • Product Management Program

    Upraised CAP

    Successfully completed Product Management Program

    01 Aug 2022

    Fueler Achievement
  • PRD_Tata Neu_Neu Coins revamp

    Improve user reward experience and engagement with Neu Coins PRD for Tata Neu Problem identified Users are not happy wit...

    04 Jul 2022

  • Product Bizops - OYO

    A teardown of OYO Bizops with a specific scope on pain points and suggested solutions

    03 Jul 2022

  • My favourite product and as a product manager, how we can improve it

    Three products are listed down as favourite product and their description, users, favourite things about the product and...

    16 May 2022

  • How can Uber/Ola use gamification to improve their app and engage more customers

    How can Uber/Ola use gamification to improve their app and engage more customers? First, let’s talk about the usual enti...

    02 Apr 2022

  • Determine different stages of a customer journey at Pizza Hut

    Detailed user journey mapping of Pizza Hut

    27 Mar 2022

  • My attempt on how many people travel in Delhi Metro every day (Guesstimate)

    Guesstimate how many people travel to Delhi Metro every day with a thorough MECE approach

    23 Mar 2022

  • Improve the ARPU of Spotify

    Calculation of ARPU = Total Revenue/Total Number of users (free users + premium users) Users of Spotify = Free users and...

    21 Mar 2022

  • Product Management Executive Certification

    Duke Corporate Education

    Successfully completed a 6-month-long online product management executive certification program

    31 Mar 2021

    Fueler Achievement
  • Operations Analyst - Customer Success

    Fueler Achievement
  • Business Development Manager - B2B Supply Growth

    Fueler Achievement
  • MBA

    IMT Hyderabad

    Successfully completed MBA from one of the premier tier 2 B-school in India

    01 Apr 2019

    Fueler Achievement

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