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  • Corporate Fleet Card: What Is It, and Why Do You Need It?

    Explore how fleet cards, an efficient alternative to generic corporate credit cards tailored for the transport sector, b...

    31 Jan 2024

  • Your Guide to Effective Expense Reconciliation Practices

    Improve your expense reconciliation with our guide. From spending weeks to taking just seconds, discover practical strat...

    30 Jan 2024

  • How to Write a Petty Cash Policy in Four Easy Steps

    Learn to write a foolproof petty cash policy in 4 easy steps and get a template. Transform chaos into control, ensuring...

    03 Jan 2024

  • How to Write a Petty Cash Policy in Four Easy Steps

    Learn to write a foolproof petty cash policy in 4 easy steps and get a template. Transform chaos into control, ensuring...

    03 Jan 2024

  • What is the procure-to-pay process, and why is it important?Corporate Credit Card Policy: What it is & Importance

    Understand the procure-to-pay process and how it differs from procurement. Discover its importance in improving your bot...

    20 Dec 2023

  • Top 5 Cost Reduction Techniques in ProcurementCorporate Credit Card Policy: What it is & Importance

    What are some ways of cost reduction in procurement? Discover the top 5 cost-saving strategies in procurement to improve...

    11 Dec 2023

  • Procurement Management Essentials for Business GrowthCorporate Credit Card Policy: What it is & Importance

    Enhance business efficiency and profitability with our ultimate guide on procurement management. Learn more about corpor...

    11 Dec 2023

  • Smart Sourcing: A Deep Dive into Procurement AutomationCorporate Credit Card Policy: What it is & Importance

    Procurement automation doesn’t require 10 different software to manage your supply chain. Read how you can automate the...

    06 Dec 2023

  • What is Purchase Order Automation? How to Automate PO?Corporate Credit Card Policy: What it is & Importance

    Purchase order automation digitizes the PO process to improve control and visibility. But how do you automate purchase o...

    01 Dec 2023

  • What is Account Reconciliation?Corporate Credit Card Policy: What it is & Importance

    Account reconciliation ensures transparency and accuracy of financial records. This guide will cover the what and how of...

    01 Dec 2023

  • What are P Cards? How Do They Work and Help? - Pluto

    Are p cards and corporate credit cards the same? Read this post to explore an alternative to traditional cards that prov...

    12 Nov 2023

  • Top 6 Procurement Software: How To Pick the Right One

    Automate your procurement process with the right software. Explore top 6 procurement software for your business for end-...

    02 Nov 2023

  • How to Improve Internal Control Over Financial Reporting (ICFR)

    Improve your ICFR initiatives with the right tools and framework. Check how to implement and automate the process to enh...

    01 Nov 2023

  • What is Petty Cash? How can you Manage it Better?

    Does your team rely on petty cash for day-to-day expenses? Read our ultimate guide for managing petty cash without losin...

    26 Oct 2023

  • How can you create a global benefits strategy?

    Have a global team but not a global benefits strategy? Discover why you need an employee benefits strategy and how to bu...

    17 Oct 2023

    Fueler Project
  • Top 9 Global Hiring Trends To Look For | Rapid

    Explore the top 9 talent acquisition trends of 2023 and learn how they're reshaping how businesses hire and thrive in th...

    17 Oct 2023

  • How can you create a global benefits strategy?

    Have a global team but not a global benefits strategy? Discover why you need an employee benefits strategy and how to bu...

    17 Oct 2023

    Fueler Project
  • How To Hire Indian Freelancers? 6-Step Guide To Get Started

    Is India's freelance talent pool your next destination? Our comprehensive 6-step guide provides expert tips and a step-b...

    27 Sep 2023

  • 5-Step Guide To Register A Sole Proprietorship In India

    Want to start and run your sole proprietorship in India hassle-free? Check our guide to register a sole proprietorship i...

    20 Sep 2023

  • 12 Ways To Improve Remote Employee Engagement

    Struggling with employee engagement and productivity? Discover 12 ways to engage employees and build a resilient team in...

    19 Sep 2023

  • Simple 3-step startup registration process in India

    Want to start a startup in India but are perplexed by its legal regulations? Walk through this step-by-step guide for st...

    29 Aug 2023

    Fueler Project
  • AI in Recruiting: Discover AI’s Top 3 Use Cases In Hiring Top Tier Talent

    Discover the impact of AI in recruitment. Explore the benefits of how AI can simplify talent acquisition work practices.

    24 Aug 2023

  • Does India offer sufficient international business opportunities?

    Are business opportunities in India attractive enough for foreign companies? This guide will explore the top-performing...

    24 Aug 2023

  • How Do Indian Labour Codes Affect International Businesses?

    New labour laws: Catalyst or hurdle for global firms? A consolidated approach to transform 29 central labour laws to sim...

    23 Aug 2023

  • Is Your PEO Agreement Safe To Sign? Check These 13 Terms Now

    Is your PEO agreement legally compliant? Discover crucial terms to ensure a compliant and effective PEO agreement.

    21 Aug 2023

  • Remote EOR: The ultimate solution for global teams

    Considering business expansion? Explore the potential of remote EORs. Learn how they facilitate global team growth effor...

    03 Aug 2023

  • Explore the best payment methods for paying freelancers abroad.

    Effortlessly pay foreign freelancers! Minimise fees and compliance issues by adopting best practices for international t...

    02 Aug 2023

  • Why should your business care about GEO in 2023?

    Global employment outsourcing refers to overseas hiring and expanding teams. Learn how to manage global teams effortless...

    24 Jul 2023

  • What is employee outsourcing? How does outsourcing help employees?

    Expand globally: Weigh the benefits & risks of employee outsourcing and find the optimal approach for overseas expansion...

    23 Jul 2023

  • Understanding Indian Employment Laws: Essential Guide for Global Team Expansion

    Navigate the complexities of Indian employment laws with our comprehensive guide. Ideal for global businesses looking to...

    22 Jul 2023

  • Indian Payroll System: The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Talent in India 2023 | Blog

    Discover the comprehensive guide to navigating the Indian payroll system India in 2023. Stay informed to streamline your...

    09 Jul 2023

  • Employer of Record vs Owned Entity: Making the Right Choice for Your Business

    Confused about whether to opt for an Employer of Record or set up your own entity? Discover the pros and cons of each op...

    03 Jul 2023

  • Exploring the 19 Best PEOs: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Top HR Solutions

    Looking for the best PEOs to streamline your HR processes? Our comprehensive guide presents the 19 top PEOs, meticulousl...

    03 Jul 2023

  • Top 7 Winning Job Descriptions To Attract Top Talent (Case Study + Templates)

    Scouring the internet for inspiration to draft the perfect job descriptions? Check these real-life examples and template...

    04 Apr 2023

  • 13 Hiring Bottlenecks That Might Hinder Your Business Growth

    Fix all hiring inefficiencies with easy-to-implement solutions. Read about the top 13 hiring bottlenecks that keep quali...

    24 Mar 2023

  • The 4-step process to hire your next customer success manager; How to hire the ideal customer success manager for your team?

    Customer success managers are tour guides for the customers. But what do customer success managers even do? Read a 4-ste...

    30 Jan 2023

  • Who is a Boomerang Employee? 4 Recruitment Best Practices for Boomerang Hiring

    Boomerang employees are past employees that join the company after a while. Are they worth the recruiter’s effort? What...

    19 Jan 2023

  • How To Utilize Slow Hiring Season as TA Team: Top 9 Recruitment Best Practices

    Don't know how to use recruitment freeze as a TA team? Here are 9 ideas to leverage the slow hiring season to reach busi...

    19 Jan 2023

  • Top 12 Trends in HR and How They Will Transform the Coming Decade?

    Traditional HR was business-centric. But, the needs of the business from their employees have changed. Read about the to...

    10 Jan 2023

  • 3 Easy Steps To Calculate The ROI Of The RPA Projects Effectively - EmergeFlow Technologies

    Look at this comprehensive approach to calculate the ROI of RPA projects to analyze and justify your RPA investments.

    13 Dec 2022

  • 8 RPA facts every business needs to know about business automation - EmergeFlow Technologies

    RPA (Robotic Process Automation) has many myths making it seem complex. Today we bring forward 8 RPA facts you should kn...

    07 Dec 2022

  • All you need to know about leveraging the power of NLP using RPA - EmergeFlow Technologies

    What NLP is and how it can help in automating business operations. How NLP can be used with RPA to enhance the automatio...

    29 Nov 2022

  • 5 Benefits of Hiring an SEO Agency Instead of DIY | TripleDart Digital

    Understand the pros and cons of hiring an SEO agency instead of DIY. 1. Save Resources 2. Industry Expertise 3. Enhanced...

    16 Nov 2022

  • Seven ways to Cap table management in 2022 with examples & checklist - trica equity blog

    Managing a cap table is like making a job resume; you create one at the beginning of your career and keep updating it as...

    25 Aug 2022

  • How to attract Talent in your Startup with Equity Compensation - trica equity blog

    If you are running a startup, you must simultaneously balance team building, product development, cash flow management,...

    22 Jul 2022

  • Indian Buyer Persona - How the Trends of an Indian Consumer Has Changed?

    If you are a business planning to target Indian consumers here's a complete buyer persona of an Indian consumer to help...

    06 Jul 2022

  • AI Writing Tools - Will They Replace the Copywriters in the Future?

    AI writing tools have been gaining popularity lately. Here we have discussed how they work, the pros, and cons and is it...

    06 Jul 2022

  • Why Do Investors Invest in Unprofitable Startups? (Explained)

    You might have noticed many loss-making startups like Zomato and Paytm are funded by investors heavily but why do they f...

    03 Jul 2022

  • Top 12 Proven Strategies to Convert Free Trial Users to Paying Customers

    Want your free trial customers to convert into long-time paying customers? here are the best ways to convert your custom...

    01 Jul 2022

  • 11 Proven Ways to Encourage Impulse Buying In Your Store

    Impulse buying is when a customer purchases without a planned intent. Here's a look at how marketers can use it to drive...

    28 Jun 2022

  • How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing in India [2022]

    Digital marketing makes up 30% of the total marketing budget in Indian companies. Also, this share of digital marketing...

    18 Apr 2022

  • 5 Onboarding Email Templates That Will Surely Engage Users in 2022

    Product engagement has a direct relation to perceived value. The more engaged the user is, the more valuable your produc...

    14 Mar 2022

  • Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention: Which one helps in growth?

    Both customer retention and acquisition are crucial for your business. You can not pick between either of them. But you...

    10 Jan 2022

  • 17 Profitable Business Ideas for Web Developers to Start in 2022.

    The best businesses do not strive on mere “ideas”. Here are 17 profitable business ideas for developers. They will allow...

    23 Dec 2021

  • What is SEO? Understanding the SEO Basics for Better Results

    SEO means improving specific elements of your website, social media, or any other page you want to appear in the search...

    08 Dec 2021

  • SaaS Marketing 101: How to Boost Your Business Results

    In a survey, 38% of companies reported that they were working entirely on SaaS technologies. Hence, A strong marketing b...

    10 Nov 2021

  • SEO


    I learned the SEO basics that help me optimize my blogs. It included various best practices & taught how to track SEO su...

    31 Oct 2021

  • How to Boost Productivity at Work from Home with a Click

    Don’t we hate how the maximum of our day just passes by & almost every task is incomplete? So, we spend more hours tryin...

    26 Oct 2021

  • A Comprehensive Guide On How To Take Smart Notes -

    Want to make notes that do not get lost with million others. Start to make smart notes. What is that? Learn all about no...

    18 Oct 2021

  • Content Marketing


    An extensive 6-hour course, which covered content creation framework & strategy. It incorporated content creation of var...

    10 Oct 2021

  • Content Writer

    Purple Crest

    Wrote long-format articles in 2500+ words for topics like: - Creating a consulting website, - Take smart notes and more...

    01 Sep 2021 - 30 Sep 2021

    Fueler Achievement
  • 5 best Exchanges in the USA

    Countless crypto exchange platforms have saturated cryptocurrency markets. It is difficult for a trader, especially a be...

    02 Jun 2021

  • UPbit Exchange Review

    SOUTH KOREA is a Crypto Exchange Hub. Amongst the zillion platforms, if you are looking for a portal with a primary trad...

    27 May 2021

  • OKEx Margin Trading

    Cryptomarkets offer traders several trading types, one of them being margin trading. Margin trading is not as simple as...

    20 May 2021

  • Content Writer Intern


    I worked with a freelancer as an intern. I wrote in many niches and content formats such as: 1. cryptocurrency blogs, 2...

    10 May 2021 - 10 Jul 2021

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