Project About: A Productivity App Which Helps You To Maintain A Laser-Like Focus & Be Productive.


  • 1. User Auth (Create New Account, Log In)
  • 2. User can only be able to use all the functionalities after logging in.
  • 3. KIS:- Keep It Simple- This will help you to track the top 5 most important tasks of the day.
  • 4. Pomodoro:- Do focus work by using this Pomodoro timer. You can also track the history of your Pomodoro
  • 5. Notes:- Take quick notes, and organize them in folders. Also, you can archive or move a note to trash or permanently delete them.
  • 6. Dark mode:- Users can use this web app in dark mode also.

Technology Used:

  • React JS
  • React Router
  • React Icons
  • React Context
  • Firebase[Storage, Auth, Firestore]
  • Chakra UI

18 Jul 2022

Web Development

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