Frontend Developer

Little Saas, Inc. 

-  Built and maintained core UI features like analytics dashboards including graphs & tables, user profile setting, etc for a platform with over 30,000 users.

-  Piloted e2e build of UI features of a micro Saas product for tracking subscriptions.

-  Reworked on the user experience of an email outreaching SaaS product to launch

the beta version, which included:

-  Improving the user flow to access contact emails and view their status.

-  Built and shipped a micro analytics feature for individual contacts that

gives in-depth stats on the performance of each outreach campaign.

-  Rebuilt the UI for the entire settings section which made it 80% more

accessible to the end users.

-  Contributed to product discussions like scope of features & user experience.

-  Collaborated with backend developers to build APIs and configure data.

06 Sep 2021 - 31 Jul 2022

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