PetMe: Give life to an animal in need

PetMe is the remarkable project that earned the prestigious title of the first runner-up at the MLH hackathon. It's a heartwarming initiative dedicated to finding loving homes for innocent pets by bridging the gap between shelters and potential adopters. 🐾


Key Features:

- Adopting a Pet: Empowers users to select their preferred animal companion and effortlessly submit their adoption details, ensuring a seamless connection between pets and loving homes.

- Donating a Pet: For pet owners who are unable to provide care for their animals, PetMe offers a compassionate platform to donate pets to caring individuals or shelters.

- Emergency Care for Stray Animals: In times of crisis, PetMe acts as a lifeline by providing vital contact information for emergency medical services for stray animals in need.


Additional Features:

- Database Integration: PetMe maintains a robust database where user information is securely stored. When someone expresses interest in adopting or donating an animal, their details are conveniently auto-filled from the database, streamlining the process and enhancing efficiency.

- Contact Page: PetMe cares deeply about connecting with its community. Users can easily reach out by using the Contact Page to share their information and request a call with one of the dedicated team members.


Join PetMe in its mission to bring pets and loving homes together. Explore this impactful project's potential and make a difference in the lives of countless pets waiting for their forever families.


Discover more about PetMe on GitHub: GitHub Repository


Experience the heartwarming journey of PetMe as it brings joy and companionship to both pets and adopters. 🐢🏑

06 Aug 2022

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