Our Unimaginable Story (Novel)

Welcome to Our Unimaginable Story. It's a story about two persons deeply in love and their struggles to keep their relationship intact. 

Not sure if it's okay to put it up here but you may call it as my hobby project.  Dropping it here just to showcase my creativity. You may ignore this as a recruiter.


A sneak peek:

Mahir and Avantika meets in college. They become best friends. Gradually their friendship becomes deeper, and it changes into a relationship. They fall in love with each other. But none of them are willing to confess their feelings to each other.  

Meanwhile Mahir's ex-girlfriend wants to re-enter into Mahir's life. Mahir gets shocked to see her. What will happen now? Will he get back to his ex or confess his love to Avantika and stay with her? What would be Avantika's reaction?

If Mahir manages everything and makes her the love of his life, will their relationship work? Shall Mahir's ex not take revenge on them?


Hope you'll enjoy it. 😊

26 Mar 2020


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