JetProtocol: Cryto Website Landing page


The primary objective of the "JetProtocol: Crypto Website Landing Page" project is to showcase advanced development skills through the creation of a responsive and visually appealing landing page. The project serves as a testament to the applicant's capabilities in Next.js and Tailwind CSS, meeting the specific requirements outlined in the internship home assignment.


The challenge presented in this project lies in replicating the given instructions precisely while demonstrating a mastery of Next.js and Tailwind CSS. It requires the successful implementation of a sleek carousel animation, hover effects, and ensuring the complete responsiveness of the landing page.


Developed as an internship home assignment for FuelEd, the JetProtocol landing page is meticulously crafted using Next.js and Tailwind CSS within the deadline of 2-3 hours. The design faithfully adheres to the provided instructions, showcasing my proficiency in these technologies. The inclusion of a slick carousel animation and captivating hover effects enhances the overall user experience. The landing page is not only a testament to technical prowess but also a demonstration of my ability to follow precise instructions, making it a compelling showcase for the internship opportunity at FuelEd.

09 Oct 2023

Web Development
Landing page

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