CodeOpsEditor: Online Free Editor for the Cloud

CodeOpsEditor is the ultimate online web-based code editor tailored for DevOps programming languages and a variety of other programming languages. Crafted for the WeMakeDevs x Napptive Hackathon, this powerful tool is your all-in-one solution for coding and scripting in the DevOps world.


Key Features:

- DevOps Focus: CodeOpsEditor is optimized to support DevOps-related programming languages, making it the ideal choice for DevOps professionals.

- Versatile Language Support: In addition to DevOps languages, it provides support for a range of other programming languages.

- Hackathon Creation: Designed specifically for the WeMakeDevs x Napptive Hackathon, this tool is built to meet hackathon coding needs.


As an open-source project, CodeOpsEditor invites developers and enthusiasts to contribute and enhance its capabilities. Say goodbye to code-editing hassles and hello to streamlined DevOps coding with CodeOpsEditor.

GitHub Repository: Susmita-Dey/CodeOpsEditor: Code Editor to support devops based languages (

Elevate your DevOps coding experience with CodeOpsEditor! ☁️

16 Apr 2023

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