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At BeyondExams, I meticulously crafted a student dashboard focused on intuitive navigation and streamlined access to resources. The design prioritized clarity, ensuring students could efficiently track progress, access courses, and stay engaged with minimal friction.


Despite's educational resources, students lacked a centralized platform to effectively track progress and access materials. The existing dashboard interface was not intuitive, leading to navigation challenges and reduced engagement.

πŸ‘‰ There was a need to streamline and personalize the student experience, ensuring easy access to essential information.


To address the identified challenges, I designed a revamped student dashboard that prioritizes intuitive navigation and personalized user experience. The new design showcases individualized information, such as assignments and progress reports, complemented by data visualization for easy comprehension of achievements. 

πŸš€ By focusing on clarity, personalization, and visual representation, the dashboard now offers students a seamless, tailored journey, enhancing their learning experience on


Navigating the design process for's student dashboard melded user-centric strategies with innovative design principles. This journey intertwined meticulous research and creativity to craft an intuitive, goal-aligned dashboard experience.

User Personas & Empathy Mapping: Before diving into the design, we crafted detailed user personas, representing our primary user groups. These personas, in conjunction with empathy maps, allowed us to holistically understand and empathize with the motivations, goals, and pain points of our students.

Research & Analysis: Initiated with thorough user interviews, usability tests, and existing data assessment to deeply understand student needs and preferences.

Wireframing: Developed the basic structural design to conceptualize the layout, content placement, and overall functionality.

Prototyping: Crafted interactive models simulating the dashboard's user experience, ensuring a seamless and user-centric flow

Visual Design: Transformed wireframes into aesthetically pleasing interfaces, focusing on brand alignment, readability, and user-friendly designs.

Feedback & Iteration: Engaged stakeholders, educators, and target users, absorbing their insights and weaving them into subsequent design refinements.

Collaboration with Developers: Worked in tandem with the tech team, offering detailed design guidelines, assets, and consistent feedback to ascertain a flawless dashboard deployment.

Product SuccessesπŸ‘πŸΌ

The redesigned student dashboard at has been crafted to significantly enhance user experience. Built with intuitive and user-centric features, we are optimistic about seeing a marked increase in student engagement and consistent platform usage.

What I Learned 🌱

Through the project, I grasped the criticality of deeply understanding user needs, especially in the education sector. The iterative design process reinforced the importance of continuous feedback, and I further honed my skills in crafting intuitive dashboards for optimal user engagement.

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07 Jan 2022

student dashboard
ui/ux design

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