Guest Speaker as Android Developer

Dope out your plans for building android apps 📱 and get the hang of the fundamentals associated with android app development.

GDSC is back🔥 with the yearly Android Compose Camp organized by the community to enliven the coding-experience for our engineers! So what are you waiting for? ✨

Grab the opportunity and grasp the Jetpack Compose Camp from start to end!

We do jams; you jam with us!

‼️Do not miss out the opportunity to grab the PERKS mentioned below.

Following are the details of the event:

📌 Event Name: Android Study Jam - Compose Camp Android

📌 Prerequisites: None (Beginner friendly)

📌 Event Dates:

☑️DAY 1: 11 September 2022

☑️DAY 2: 18 September 2022

☑️DAY 3: 25 September 2022

☑️DAY 4: 3 October 2022

📌 Event Time: 4pm Every Sunday (Tentative)

📌 Event Hosts: Viruj Thakur, Md. Mobin, Ashish



11 Sep 2022

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