10 Instagram content ideas for a Wedding Decor Event Company

Assignment Brief: Create a 10-day content calendar for a wedding decor event company that caters to premium customers + list minimum 5 content buckets for same 

Platform: Instagram

Tools used: Chat GPT + Google sheet. 

What I did?

With my experience in the event industry and my social media strategy skills, I created a mind map to identify what does an event decor company does along with elements of a social media strategy. 

This particular event company is an expert in luxury wedding designs. So I laid my focus there. 

I had 4 major content pillars:

  • Awareness
  • Attraction
  • Authority
  • Action

Out of these pillars I created 7 content buckets:

  • Transformation
  • Client Stories
  • Testimonial
  • Decor trends
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Wedding of the month / Quater / Half year / year
  • Listicles

Basis the content pillars I created a 10-day calendar with idea - format - sample copies. 

Though these ideas are for Instagram, they can also be used for YouTube and blogs. 


PS: I don't have insights to share as this is a sample calendar. In case you wish to use it, go ahead and share your insights with me, I will be grateful. :)

26 Sep 2023

Social media strategy
social media calendar
event company social media
content ideas for event company
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