Fests Made Easy: From Fear to Triumph

Festing is a significant part of college life for management students, but it can be intimidating, causing some to quit after the initial round. I, too, used to be scared, but this time I motivated myself to put in the effort. The result? Not only did my team place in the top 6 out of 67 teams in Marketing, but we also won our group task. As someone who wasn’t an active participant in such events and lacked professional marketing experience, I never anticipated reaching this level of achievement. 

Over the course of these 5 days, I’ve acquired valuable lessons that I’m eager to share. I’ve posted an article "Fests Made Easy: From Fear to Triumph" on Medium where, I've outlined what I've learned during this journey and provided some helpful tips and strategies for excelling in any fest, with a particular focus on Marketing and Group Task.


02 Sep 2023


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