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  • Product Descriptions for Pepe Jeans Brand

    Objective: Wrote product descriptions for Pepe Brand Summer Collections range for kids, men, and women in the summer col...

    03 May 2023

  • Zomato Blog Posts

    Objective: A series of blog posts for Zomato for Zomato's Proof of Work challenge. These blog posts aim to provide Zomat...

    30 Mar 2023

  • Zomato Newsletters

    Objective: This email newsletter is a part of Zomato's proof of challenge. By writing a series of newsletters I aim to m...

    30 Mar 2023

  • Zomato Campaign

    Objective: This project is a part of the Zomato Proof of work challenge. This campaign aims to bring Zomato lovers even...

    30 Mar 2023

  • Ads for Pleoton under 8 words

    Objective: To write short ads using under 8 words. Time took: 20 mins Tools used: Official Pleoton website and google...

    14 Mar 2023

  • 7 morning habits that makes me super productive.docx

    Following a routine can be challenging when you just blindly follow other's routines. Instead, I suggest taking some tim...

    14 Mar 2023

  • Headline for Life Coach speaking to workaholics

    Objective: The idea is to write headlines that make the lives of workaholics stress-free and fulfilling

    14 Mar 2023

  • Social Media Captions

    Objective: Propliv, a B2B SaaS platform designed to make selling faster and easier for estate agents and sellers. Wrote...

    14 Mar 2023

  • Facebook ads for Fertility Clinic

    Objective: Sepalika is a fertility clinic helping people to live enriching lives through their 5-petal approach. Their h...

    14 Mar 2023

  • Facebook ads

    Objective: Winter special-focused Facebook ads for Neemli's Ultimate Dry Skin Remedy Kit. I wrote this ad in my internsh...

    14 Mar 2023

  • Email sequence for selling a fitness band

    Objective: I was checking for fitness bands a few weeks ago, and an idea clicked for writing an email sequence for the s...

    14 Mar 2023

  • Email explaining an SaaS application

    Objective: This email helps to explain a SaaS application and its benefits. How this application can make people's lives...

    13 Mar 2023

  • Listing copy of app on playstore

    Objective: Tried writing listing copy for an app from playstore Time took: 35 mins Tools used: playstore and HIIT down...

    12 Mar 2023

  • Headlines for 5 beer brands

    Objective: Practicing taglines and headlines of products Time took: 20 mins Tools used: Google and Pinterest for inspi...

    12 Mar 2023

  • Product description for ClearSpace app

    Objective: Practiced writing product descriptions for apps from ProductHunt Time: 35 mins Tools: ProductHunt for searc...

    11 Mar 2023

  • Magazine ad for a sweet shop

    Objective: When I planned to write a magazine ad for a sweet shop things that came to my mind were different occasions a...

    11 Mar 2023

  • Rewrote meta title and description for Chumbak Website

    Objective: tried rewriting the existing website's meta title and description. Time took: 25 mins Tools used: http://ww...

    10 Mar 2023

  • Poster Copies for grocery store

    Objective: An effort to try writing poster copies, these can be modified for social media posts as well. I tried giving...

    10 Mar 2023

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